20121013-IMG_0125-1024x682 (2)I’m one part math nerd, two¬†parts impatience, and three¬†parts finding the humor in everything. I co-host¬†with snark on¬†The Shepod¬†and with misanthropic hilarity on¬†Sara and Steve Hate People. ¬†I prefer most dogs to most people. I live for food, animal rescue, interior design, travel, podcasting, and life hacks but my favorite past-time is obsessing about my dogs Bea Arthur,¬†Mitch Hedberg, & Walter Matthau¬†(the source of 99.9% of the photos on my phone). I have no poker face and it has gotten me into trouble. ¬†I deal with tragedy through comedy. There, now we’re old friends – unless you don’t like dogs.