The Perfect Night Cream: Weleda Skin Food

I know that drinking lots of¬†water,¬†eating veggies, and getting enough¬†sleep¬†are the foundations of great looking skin, but I like to add a little bit of help on the outside. ¬†I’ve spent all sorts of money over the years trying to find great skin products. ¬†Now that I prefer my products without scary chemicals, I’ve been on a rampage trying to find good quality natural skin care that doesn’t break the bank.

Enter Weleda Skin Food.  Its thick, its luxurious, and I slather it on my face and neck every night before I go to bed.  Every morning I wake up with my complexion looking refreshed, hydrated, and even dewy.  I rub some on my forehead and my forming lines are difficult to see.  Not bad for $12 per tube.