So You Gorged. Now What?

It’s the morning after¬†Superbowl¬†Sunday. ¬†Or your birthday. ¬†Or just a day after you’ve treated yourself. ¬†If you’re like me and eat healthy most of the time, eating pizza and chocolate cake can have and unfortunate physical and emotional aftermath.

It’s unrealistic to be perfect all the time. ¬†In fact, treating yourself can actually be a “healthy” part of your eating lifestyle. ¬†I eat healthy on average 90% of the time, so I don’t feel guilty about the few times per week that I treat myself. ¬†But what happens after I indulge? ¬†Here are some tips and tricks that create a healthy relationship with recreational eating – both physically and emotionally.

1.  Give yourself a break
So you ate some nachos and wings last night. ¬†It’s not a big deal, it doesn’t happen everyday. ¬†Even if your treats were unplanned, don’t beat yourself up – it’s unproductive to stress about something in the past that you can’t change. ¬†Use it as inspiration to get back on the wagon. ¬†Go back to eating clean whole real foods the next day. ¬†The body will forgive and bounce back.

2.  Green juice
Juicing is a great way to quickly absorb the fabulous plant nutrients in fruits and veggies while giving your digestive system a break. ¬†After a “treat” meal, I have a green juice for my next meal. ¬†I don’t dig juice cleanses for extended periods of time but they are perfect to give you an intense dose of nutrients and energize¬†your body after some fun eating.

green lemonade

green lemonade

3.  Filtered water with fresh lemon juice
It flushes your system and reduces inflammation.  Enough said.


4.  Exercise
Get moving! Go spin, kickbox, hike, jog, powerwalk, or do whatever it is that gets your blood flowing.  Exercise->endorphins-> better mood.  And the calories burned?  Just a bonus.