Greetings From Seattle!

IMG_7264I’ve been on the west coast for about 10 months now and Seattle for the last week. ¬†Our apartment is a super cute mother in law suite that we rented from a lovely couple who just bought their 1920’s craftsman home earlier this year. ¬†It’s seriously adorable.


We’ll be living out of suitcases for the next month and I have to say it’s very much freeing not to be bogged down by all our stuff which is in storage. ¬†The hardest part for me is living without all my kitchen gadgets. ¬†It’s been difficult cooking fun things here with a limited pantry, no oven, and someone else’s cookware. ¬†Also? ¬†Not such great light for photographing recipes.

That being said, and even though we haven’t been here that long, I have to admit, I kind of love it here. ¬†It’s got all the amenities of an east coast city (it’s easy to live in a walkable area, it has reliable public transit, and great food), but with a more outdoorsy relaxed west coast vibe. ¬†The weather (which I’ll get into) isn’t all that great, but there’s something so cozy about Seattle (part of me wishes that Steve would get a radio job out here so we’d have to move). I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far and I’m excited to explore more.

Seattle weather gets a bad rap
I say this as someone who lives in southern California – a weird vortex of terrain where it’s always perfect and sunny. ¬†It actually rains less in Seattle than the east coast in terms of inches, but it’s kind of muggy more often and has this on and off drizzle throughout the day. ¬†November is supposed to be one of the more gloomy months here but I have to say, it isn’t too bad (although my bangs have yet to make an appearance, they don’t do well with rain). ¬†The summer is supposed to be absolutely beautiful though. ¬†And the lack of blue in the sky is made up by the lush greenery and stunning fall colors. ¬†It’s just a different landscape out here and I’m really enjoying a change.

IMG_7277 IMG_7272IMG_7287The biggest bummer about the weather here is how unhappy my dogs are (and not to mention, there’s no mudroom in our tiny apartment so I have to resort to wiping their paws every time we come back from a walk or just accepting that I will have to clean up the odd leaf/paw print every so often in the entryway).

Bea and Mitch are both princesses about the rain – and Mitch refuses to pee while he has his fleece on which means I end up taking it off halfway through the walk so he obliges his bladder while shivering because he is the equivalent of approximately 0.25 dogs.


Although it’s pretty adorable when he cuddles with himself after a nice long walk.

IMG_7256 IMG_7250(fyi, the fleeces are from Land’s End. ¬†They are awesome! ¬†They have a harness hole, they are easy to put on and take off, and you can throw them in the wash. Bea has had hers for over 2 years now and it’s still going strong. ¬†The dogs also have the squall jackets which are a bit warmer and just as great).

Seattle is full of hills
Not crazy San Francisco hills, but enough that I am getting a pretty decent workout when I walk the dogs in the morning.  No complaints from me (the closest spin studio is not all that close).  Just unexpected.

IMG_7288We haven’t explored everything we want to see yet because we wanted to get the dogs situated in their new home, and Steve is performing pretty much every night for this thing. ¬†But stay tuned for more posts on the city, the food, and my possibly futile attempts to make awesome food that tastes and looks good in a limited kitchen!

  • Looks like a cute little place. Those pups are adorable, too! ūüôā

  • Welcome to Seattle! It’s always a wonderful way to be reminded why I live in this town when I can read it from the perspective of someone who is seeing it for the first time. I definitely agree that Seattle earns its reputation as a gloomy place in the fall however living here makes you truly appreciate the experience of changing seasons. After exiting one off the most amazing summer’s less than two months ago we find ourselves bundling up with scarves and hats and our espresso drink of choice.

    Since you’re new to town and an owner of dogs myself, I’d like to recommend a nice walk for you and your family that may not be on your radar. It’s a little long but you can decide how much your husband or pets want to go. I’d start by parking near the Ballard Locks – a place I, and just about every other Seattle-ite, grew up going many times with family or on field trips. It’s worth seeing but I usually just use it as a landmark for where I parked my car. I’d walk west on Market 3/4ths of a mile to a great Cuban sandwich place called Paseo
    (6226 Seaview Ave NW). It’s my favorite sandwich in Seattle and I always get an extra eat of corn which is slathered in butter, garlic, and cilantro. Basically Heisenberg Blue wrapped in foil!

    After the quick lunch, keep walking
    along towards Shilshole Bay Marina. The sidewalk parallels a mile long of docked boats and chances are you’ll encounter a bunch of other dog walkers on your journey to Golden Gardens Park.

    During summer time the park is usually quite packed but you’ll find it quite peaceful and bare of the warm weather frollicers.

    The whole walk is about 4 miles round trip so a rainy day may be a bit ambitious but if you’re armed with a warm cup of coffee it is well worth the time. Enjoy!

    • This is really awesome – thanks so much for the suggestions!

      • Just realized you live a meatless diet so my suggestion of a Cuban pork sandwich is probably not the best thing for you if you end up taking that walk! Instead of Paseo, check out Portage Bay Cafe (a few blocks east of the locks) for a great vegetarian, organic, and sustainable breakfast.

        • I do treat myself every once in a while but I always appreciate delicious sustainable food ūüôā