Recipe: Chipotle Sweet Potato Hand Rolls

chipotle sweet potato hand rolls


Foodwise, living in Los Angeles has been incredibly inspiring.  From the fresh ingredients to fusions like sushi burritos, and korean tacos to family owned hole in the wall restaurants, LA is a pretty awesome food town.

I love this recipe so much because it combines flavors from my favorite cuisines (Japanese, and Mexican), and it fulfils my desire to declutter. ¬†How you might ask? ¬†Well, my hatred of clutter knows no bounds, it even applies to my fridge and my toiletries. ¬†I get a profound sense of satisfaction when I finish a tube of toothpaste, replace my mascara, or use leftovers/ items in my pantry to make a meal. ¬†This recipe was made from leftovers (sweet potato fries and brown rice), and pantry items (seaweed, cilantro, scallion, tamari, and wasabi). ¬†Very satisfying. ¬†I’m working on it, I promise. ¬†But in the meantime I will use my terrifying endearing desire to rid myself of all possessions to inspire leftover recipes!

(per handroll)
1 sheet nori
4-5 tablespoons cooked brown rice
3-4 leaves cilantro
5-7 baked sweet potato fries
1 slice scallion
1 dash chipotle powder
1/4 lime (optional)
tamari sauce and wasabi paste (for dipping)

Add the brown rice to a sheet of nori, and press it flat into a diagonal (from bottom right to top left).  The position should favor the top left corner.  Add the sweet potatoes, scallion, cilantro, chipotle powder, and a small squeeze of lime.  Fold the bottom right corner of the nori and then wrap the hand roll starting with the bottom left corner and moving towards the top right corner (pictured instructions).  And then presto!  You have a hand roll. Dip in some tamari and enjoy!

Makes 1 handroll

  • Absolutely love the fusion going on here…
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